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Work with Linux, Unix, macOS or Windows without any other paid software.

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The very same developers of phpdocx will give you the best support by email, in the forum or opening a support ticket.

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Generate and transform PowerPoint presentations using an extensive API with the best performance.

Complete documentationComplete documentation

Documents, tutorials, examples and many more useful tools to start working from day one.

Today we are rolling out phppptx 2.5, our first release of the year, and what a version it is: it includes many essential features and methods designed to improve your projects. In order to get phppptx 2.5, go to Pricing and choose the license that best suits your needs. Users with previous versions can upgrade in MY PHPPPTX. Users with a Licens...

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We are very happy to be using phppptx. Our projects are quite demanding, as our firm always aim to the maximum fidelity and quality of design. We can achieve that with this library. And the support team is always nice and helpful, which is definitely a plus.

Sarah James ZephyrStudio

Essential features


Dynamic documents with phpdocx

If you need to generate MS Word DOCX documents, this is the best tool for the job. Add and update contents, convert from/to HTML, merge, sign and encrypt documents, transform to PDF and more. Do it from scratch or using templates compatible with all DOCX readers.

phpdocx is fast, easy to use and offers maximum quality for your DOCX.


Dynamic spreadsheets with phpxlsx

With phpxlsx you will be able to create MS Excel XLSX spreadsheets. Add anything you need: contents, functions, images, charts, tables, headers or footers, sheets and more. Return information, use your own templates...

phpxlsx includes an extensive API and provides an excellent performance and top quality!