Discover phppptx

phppptx is a PHP library that allows you to create dynamically Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations (.pptx). The available packages are Basic, Advanced and Premium, aimed to the generation of sophisticated PowerPoint files.

The main features of the available licenses are summarized in the following table:

phppptx type of license
Basic Advanced Premium
Per subdomain Per domain Per domain/IP

phppptx LICENSES


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Basic Advanced Premium
phppptx type of license Per subdomain Per domain Per domain/IP
Use the same license for multiple domains (only for licenses tied to an IP).
PPTX files as stream
Serialize files
PPTX password encryption
Sign PPTX presentations
Set custom chart colors for series and values
Add background colors to charts, plot and legend areas
Rotate text contents in vertical and horizontal axes
Style vertical and horizontal axes
Generate code skeletons automatically.
Check server settings.
Show recommendations.
Return information.
Other commands.
Package with PHP namespaces. Use phppptx with Composer, Symfony, Drupal, Yii, Laravel and any other project, framework or CMS with PHP namespaces.
Conversion Plugin based on LibreOffice
Conversion Plugin based on MS PowerPoint
Remove slide
Replace chart data
Text search and replacement
Text boxes
Remove shape layouts
Base templates
Use of external templates
Replacement of variables
Replacement of lists
Replacement of tables
Replacement of images
Replacement of audios
Replacement of videos
Get variables
Transform HTML and CSS to PPTX
Replace variables by HTML
Active slide
Presentation properties
Presentation settings
Slide settings
Basic tables
Advanced table formatting
Add images
Replace images
Background images
Replacement of images in templates
Add footers
2D basic charts
2D advanced charts
3D charts
OMML support
MathML support