phppptx v2.5 release notes

  • Feb 13, 2024

Today we are rolling out phppptx 2.5, our first release of the year, and what a version it is: it includes many essential features and methods designed to improve your projects.

In order to get phppptx 2.5, go to Pricing and choose the license that best suits your needs. Users with previous versions can upgrade in MY PHPPPTX. Users with a License Update Service (LUS) can update to version 2.5 at no cost!

phppptx 2.5 includes the following features:

  • phppptx CLI command (Premium licenses):
    • Speed up development by generating phppptx code skeletons automatically.
    • Skeletons generated for presentations from scratch and using templates.
    • Check server settings.
    • Show automatic recommendations.
    • Return phppptx information.
  • New PptxUtilities method: replaceChartData to replace the data associated with a given chart (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Add shapes: addShape.
  • Add footers in slide: addFooterSlide (dateAndTime, slideNumber and textContent).
  • Replace placeholders with HTML in PPTX templates: replaceVariableHtml.
  • Supported new chart types in addChart: bubble, radar, scatter, surface.
  • replaceVariablePptxFragment supports contents with external relationships.
  • Added a default HTML content when adding an empty content with embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML to avoid throwing a PHP error.
  • Remove invalid UTF-8 XML characters automatically.
  • PptxFragment class moved to the Elements namespace in the namespaces package.